Tiny Vessel by Academy Monthly

On the tiny vessel
The Captain stood in command.
Lacking experience,
He grew brute grit.
Born a flightless bird,
He settled for sailing.

October summoned the cold
As the Captain slipped from control.
Into the midnight waters,
He fell.
He fell.

They slept smiling, blind,
Dry, warm on land
Ignoring the fall of the Captain.
Surrounded by leaves,
Was a bud thirsty to bloom.

Refusing to sink,
He treaded in pain.
Of the frigid salt
Upon his tongue.
Muted, he desperately pleaded,
Begged for a drink.

Surrounded by a sea,
With no moon to light
The desert of liquid,
Or currents to guide him to shore,
The Captain’s tiny vessel floated without

Disowning the tiny vessel,
The Captain sank,

The tiny vessel found
The tiny vessel found
A purpose. 

The Captain found remembrance,
In the tiny vessel.

A Garden of Magnolias by Academy Monthly

I could never have him
Nor hate him.
Never would I know what it is like
To be the queen to his king, 
The bow to his arrow,
The shield to his sword.

How could a daisy like me
Uncontrollably float down a stream
And hope to pass alongside
Violets, when all I ever had,
Were stone cold
White daffodils.

A lion towers above
Higher than the gazelle stuck below
Praying to see.
Waiting for him, and his
In a garden of magnolias,
I search for a single ambrosia.

Dark crimson roses will be planted
In my honor by
The controller himself.
Lilies given to me from him,
Murderer of my father, but
Who wants flowers when you’re dead?