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I Didn't Write this Poem, a Sail Did

Danika Staples '24

At my peak, I’m high but not high enough,

Might look scandalized, but I’m just broken.

My throat is tight, they sweat, but still I luff.

Pennant flies above me, it's almost ten.

Now I understand as I look to lee,

On the Port beam teal water reveals rocks.

Like frightened rats, they scurry beneath me.

I’m powerless as still my halyard locks.

And now I hear: “Flag halyard’s jammed with peak”,

Guess I wasn’t broken, just had lines caught,

Crew rush to lower flags, it’s wind I seek.

“I need that sail up”, now my leech is taut.

“Ready about, stand by, now, helm’s a lee”.

Light water turns dark, time slows down. We’re free.

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