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Thank you. Goodbye. Hello.

Libby Brewer '25

Thank you. Goodbye. Hello.

The cycle most forgotten

Thank you

We don’t have a enough time to say thank you all the moments we should

I don’t remember to say thank you every time I should

Thank you is a necessity to progression

Pay respect for the things that have passed


Spring thanks winter

A plant thanks it’s roots

Your happiness thanks your sadness

Even thank the things you wouldn’t want to say hello to


Leaving something behind you will never go back to the same way

Mostly remembered, but glossed over

The stage of the cycle most upsetting at times

The stage of the cycle most Joyus at others

Sit with goodbye

It is for this reason the memories we have hold a special feeling

It seals a time capsule closed 

Anything after goodbye will be a memory

Take a last look and a final thought, then say it, weather it be to yourself or out loud


Fresh starts with new beginnings and a rush of adrenaline

Something that introduces unknown 

Sometimes people wave

Sometimes people smile

Most of the time people have no clue what they are even looking at

Though it seems to be the start, it is the end of the cycle

It officially closes the goodbye

Think of hello, remember the past and try to not think of the future 

Before every hello was a goodbye, enjoy it, love it

Thank you. Goodbye. Hello. 

The pattern. The rhythm most misunderstood

Try your best to understand it and you will say

Thank you 

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