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The Peony

Blair Mitchell '25

Beneath the frost-kissed earth, invisible, asleep, 

A gladiator, bound in winter's embrace, sets fires ablaze with fierce grace.

In nature’s grand colosseum, its secrets creep,

Captivating hearts with its ethereal embrace.


Breaking free from winter's shroud, 

A honeybee, painting dreams in strokes of bittersweet bloom, its spirit did consume. 

Awakened, a fragrance sweet and intimately endowed,

Unfurling velvet petals, garnished with hues of crimson and fuchsia, in bloom.

A faithful servant, from struggle now free,

The crusader of time, adorned with epics and tales.

Flourishing in full bloom, a spectacle to see,

The symphony of colors begins to pale. 

In Gaia’s melody it takes its stand, 

The sweet sorrow testimony of nature’s hand.

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