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Celina Bagchi '24

in the shadows, i dream of

     honeysuckle sweet kisses and afire

love, where you worship me like i am

the strings on your guitar and the

     song of the heart you wear on your sleeve

in the darkness, i long for

whispered caresses and smudged mascara

     lashes that blink over my eyes, full of

stories i share only with you and

your breath like a promise on my neck

in the morning, i awaken to

wondering if the stars aligned—

     what if? what if i told you

you are my favorite idea, and

     you will never know it

i might hold all the cards but i

     fold as soon as you come around and i

want to be yours when our tattoos fade and we

can’t dance like we do now, when

your fingers shake too much to

     hold me this way because

one lifetime is all i need, because

     one lifetime is enough.

i wish i could

     bottle up the way you make me feel and

keep it with me always—i have

so much to say and none of the right words; i can’t

     change your mind, and i think

i met you in my dream, but

you were far sweeter in my arms,

and i’ve never believed in god, but i

     found god in the way you smiled against my lips—

and there is nothing quite like

     the feeling that i would

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