Avery Samuels

I Speak How I Speak by Academy Monthly

No, I’m not sorry I talk a little different.

My ‘hood accent? Is that what it’s called?

I don’t care

if you think I cheated

“because my race gave me a natural athleticism”

“because my bones are denser so I’m stronger.”

If I’m being straight up,

I think you’re dumb

as shit for believing that crap.

Like who do you think you are?

Yes, I use popular slang around my friends.

I honestly enjoy it—

drawlin, for real for real, cappin, outta pocket.

I use them all, and I’m proud of it.

Who do you think you are,

saying that’s not “proper English”?

How dare you tell me

my grammar is incorrect.

I went through grade school, trust me

I know how to speak.

I know all about 

sentence fragments, where a comma goes.

I speak how I speak because that’s who I am,

and I will never apologize for being me. 

Who do you think you are, 

saying I am not speaking well?

Don’t even get me started

about my music. 

I love rap,

and I play it loud.

Meek Mill, Kendrick, Juice Wrld, N.W.A.

They show me the reality of life,

how the world can be a cruel place

but that you should keep ya head up.

Juice Wrld has some deep lyrics about love

that help me tap into my emotions and express myself.

Some people dislike the songs I listen to

but I find the deeper meaning in them,

and, honestly, if you don’t like it,

well, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 

Who do you think are, 

saying it’s too loud or inappropriate?

With all of this, I am also black.

That doesn’t mean I make too much noise, am rude

or uneducated. To me it means, 

I am respectful, I am loud when I wanna be, I am smart, and I am fun …

but most importantly I am me.

And I love being me!