Reset the Clock / by Academy Monthly

Shriveled and cold, where’d it all go?

Bad timing? You’re hiding what you’re feeling,

Talking in circles.

Your words have no meaning.

Bad timing? That’s an easy excuse.


Peaks and valleys five years through,

wiping tears from my cheeks

and haven't spoken in weeks.

You reset the clock when you decide.

No reconciliation, just pretending nothing happened


I’m tired

Aren’t you? You’ve gotten good at ignoring.

You have the power.

You know that’s true.

Too much alike, we are bound to fight—


I threw gas on the flame, hoped you help me stomp it out

No, you didn’t show.


We’re good again? I shouldn’t be surprised by your sudden

chit-chat. You step 

on me like a

Door mat.

We both know I’m stronger than that.

But you made me laugh again.