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The Beauty and Mystery of Nature

Daniel Shin '24

In the stillness of the morning dew,

The world awakens, fresh and new.

A symphony of birdsong fills the air,

Nature’s beauty, beyond compare.

The sun rises, casting a golden light,

Illuminating the earth with all its might.

The trees sway gently in the breeze,

Their leaves rustling like a symphony of


The river flows, a serpentine path,

Reflecting the sky, a mirror of glass.

Fish swim beneath, in silent grace,

A hidden world, beneath the surface


The mountains rise, majestic and tall,

Their peaks shrouded in mist and all.

A home to creatures, wild and free,

A place of mystery, for all to see.

The flowers bloom, in vibrant hues,

Their scent, a fragrance, sweet and true.

A canvas of colors, a work of art,

Nature’s beauty, etched in every part.

The stars come out, in the dark of night

A tapestry of light, a breathtaking sight.

The moon rises, casting a silver glow,

A wondrous place, where secrets flow.

In nature’s beauty, we find our peace,

A place of solace, where all troubles


Mystery and wonder, at every turn,

A place of magic, where our souls yearn.

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