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Atharv Awasthi'22

Lights shone into those small, pearly eyes the day you were born, the lights of life, of existence

You were too young to remember the look of your mother, but today you are too old to deny her admiring gaze

Her love is unshatterable, broken by neither the forces of man nor the nature of death.

Death. You think of it as such a cruel man, a cruel being, a cruel reality. Life is a blessing, a paradise, a haven of love, but death- death seems dark and empty.

To realize yourself, you must break this boundary-

For death is nothing but the dawn before awakening.

Every day you fall asleep, launching yourself into the world of dreams,

It is like the cycle of death itself.

The worn, beaten man of yesterday must die for the awakening of the warrior tomorrow.

But what transcends the cycle of sleep, as it transcends the cycle of death, is love.

Death leads to a new awakening, a new realization, a new world..

It brings even new phases of love, but- but love itself does not change.

The mother you love in one life may be your son in another, but the love

Between you two remains beyond the cycle of life, death, and existence

Face this reality, accept it, immerse yourself within

For once you believe, you will understand that death is no suffering

Death is simply a journey to the next awakening, to the next experience

Where the fruit of love is kept and the beauty of life is continued.

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