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Imbolc: a Celebration of New Life

Logan Shallow


I arise from the land and come forth,

Transforming the world from a bare, cold, death

To the beautiful greens and blues of

The Irish swamps, the marshes, the coasts,

The soothing tidal beaches.

I bask in the bright light of the morning sun,

It’s warmth freeing my body, my bones, my soul

From the chill of winter.

My land once more.

And for my freedom

The traditional celebrations begin.

My love coats the coals they light in my honor,

My presence guards my children as they feast on the foods I gave to them.


They call out to me as I drift through their exuberant dancing,

Their symbol of strength and joy.

I smile fondly in return,

For I know these children are mine to protect,

And I am theirs to adore.

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