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Echoes in the Halls of Silence

Daniel Shin '24

Beneath the surface of my quiet repose,

A tale untold, in the marrow it grows.

Silhouettes dance in the corners of my eyes,

Secret held, echoes of silent cries

The moon peers in through the shattered pane,

Illuminating truth too heavy to bear the strain.

A wordless whisper wrapped in a midnight shroud,

Lost in the shadows, crying out loud

In the prison of thoughts, a truth confined,

Silent specter, in the chambers of my mind.

Fear is the warden, silence the key

Locked in the vault of my deepest memory

The ticking clock, a relentless foe,

Each second an echo of a secret I know.

The walls grow tighter with each passing hour,

The scent of the secret blooms, a furtive flower.

Footsteps approach, soft on the wooden floor,

A knock at the door, then one knock more.

Who could it be at this merciless hour?

Has someone sensed the secret’s sour power?

In the mirror’s reflection, my face pale and worn,

Haunted by a secret since the day I was born.

Behind every smile, behind each weary sigh,

Lies the clandestine tale I dare not decry

No solace in dreams, for the secret follows there,

Its ominous whispers lace the cool night air.

A weightless chain that binds, a riddle with no clue,

A secret kept within, known only by a few.

One day the secret may breaks its silent vow,

The truth will emerge, though I know not how.

Until then, in the halls of silence, it hides,

A secret’s suspense, where uncertainty abides.

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