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Cries of Desperation

Michaila Matthews ‘26

Lost at sea an alarm comes as we call

To land we can't see, no hope of return.

Dark like the endless ink void, hopelessness and confusion on our faces

Vision seeing blue, Fear settling in.


Water engulfs our boat, and the sea grows greedy for more victims

As thunder roars and rain slams

We wail and dread our fate, we might never be seen again.


We sink, and the sea sharpens its forks and knives

We hold on but want to let go.

Gradually the pain and worry gave away to numbness

The alarm sang sweetly as it was the last thing we'd hear.


Awaiting for minutes that seem to last hours

Death embraces us like a comforting hug.

Yet, light appears in the form of a powerful luminous figure


A savior for us?

No, only me.

I had to leave

The others behind.

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