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On a Rooftop in Brooklyn

Nina Sager '26

On a rooftop in Brooklyn,

We stood in the thundering silence

As the building lights studied the sky

The sparks danced through windows and exploded the darkness

Like two lovers twirling around and around

And running through woods and trees

On a rooftop in Brooklyn

We watched while the leaves encircled their bodies as they moved

How their arms made the branches and their legs the roots

And they swayed and leaped through the blackness of the night

On a rooftop in Brooklyn,

They looked for each other

Dancing for each other

Breathing for each other

Living for each other

On a rooftop in Brooklyn,

For a bleak moment,

They endlessly made infinite the galaxy

And bounded about the stars

Soaring down to the buildings hand in hand

And disappeared back into the illuminating brightness

On a rooftop in Brooklyn,

Your hand grabbed mine

And your eyes drowned my soul

On a rooftop in Brooklyn,

We wanted to find love.

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