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Craving Quiet

Shae Sawyer-St. Clair'24

The silence speaks.

It’s breathing continuous and heavy.

Nothingness speaks to those who can accept silence.

My hollow cage feels the yearning of


Dreams that chase the wind.

The wind that annexes and carries me to sea.

The sea that swallows me wholly.

The shattered pieces of my heart get up and walk away,

they are of no use in a bag of bones.

I am now a cracked bottle longing for

use in its original purpose.

I find myself riding a ripping current

incessantly submerged under the waves.

The dreams stay afloat even

as I cringe at the seabed

trapped under the untouched ice.

Uncracked, unmarked,

I am wondering how I got here?

I convince myself the wind is at fault.

Though nothing speaks, the sea is loud.

In my ears, there is the alphabet

with its horrific and beautiful combinations.

I surrender to the current.

It is nice to feel weightless.

The water becomes warm

once you stay long enough.

I fear that resurfacing will make the wind even colder.

I do not feel the need to tred anymore,

because under the current is


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