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The Baby

A Short Story by Jack Breme


The sun blazed down as we sat in the backyard, laying on the cool trampoline in the shade. My friends and I talked as we ate out popsicles, until all that was left was a sticky piece of wood. I closed my eyes, and felt the cool Summer breeze blow over my face, a feeling I hadn't felt in quite a while. I suddenly heard a faint rumble, disturbing this moment of peace. Knowing a car had pulled in, we got out of the trampoline, and walked into the front yard. My friend's dads black suv swiftly pulled in, slowing to a halt. The water from my friend's small pond dribbled faintly in the distance. We began to walk towards the car as he frantically opened his door, and walked around to the passenger side. After shuffling in the front seat, out came a small box his dad was holding, with a grin on his face. “You guys won't believe what I found,” he said, as he carefully opened the box. He reached in, gently, and cupped his hands. We gathered around as my friend's sisters ran outside to see. His dad moved his hand, revealing a baby turtle, no bigger than a paperclip. We all gasped as the turtle looked around. We all started questioning him, and awed at the baby. He quickly responded “Earlier I was golfing, and spotted this tiny guy in the grass! I think this would be a great addition to the pond, don't you think?” The excitement from everyone rose, as we wanted to put it into the pond. I scooped it up, walking over to the pond, feeling its miniscule legs crawl on the palm of my hand. As I felt it squirm around, a wave of guilt flooded my head. “Why would he take this baby turtle home, regardless of where it was?” I walked over, and hesitantly dropped it into the water, feeling the cool bubbles touch my hand. As we all watched the turtle navigate its new environment. After thinking, I realized I had to speak up. “Guys I don't think we should keep the turtle here. It needs to be put back into the wild.” At that moment everyone gazed at me, with looks of confusion and frustration.

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