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Monologue from Playwright Day

Eliza Meth'23

What am I afraid of? Why should I be afraid of anything? Evergreen is safe, we are here to serve the animals and protect them. Even though, well...what are we protecting them from? There's no harm, right? We make sure the plants thrive and make sure animals don't cross to Frosten, so they are protected by their own realms of nature. But, I assume that means we shouldn't cross over either...there was never a concrete rule stated...what would happen if I did? What's the harm? What's over there? Do they live like us? Do they have it better, worse? I have to know, I have to go, but I can't. I'm afraid I'll never know...oh...

(Island is split in two...Evergreen (spring/summer)/Frosten (winter)...people live on outside, animals live on inside. The people protect the animals.)

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