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Fantasy Monologue

Justin Wang'22

History Teacher Fjord: What are we so afraid of? An excellent question that possesses so many answers to it. Of course, we are afraid of the dreadful dyrebeasts that are abundant throughout Alegrar. And who can forget the legend of the Seven Tombed Kings, their armies slumbering in their Prison within the mysterious Nail. We are afraid of even ourselves, from the mightiest draecon to the lowliest of gremlins. But, I believe that there is one fear that everyone, throughout the span of history, has. And that is the fear of being forgotten, of vanishing, of disappearing into the vast foliage of our world. We fear that we will never leave a mark on History's Stone Wall, afraid of never leaving even the tiniest of scratches on its rough surface. We all desire to be something great, someone so glorious that their name is spoken in reverence throughout the 6 Kingdoms. We all dream of being a heroic knight in shining armor or an ever-brilliant sorceror. But, the harsh reality is, we all fall far short of that dream. We cling to those ambitions like a lifeline, some naive hope in this cruel world. But, there will come a time in which we must cast aside those hopes and desires and throw ourselves off the cliff into the dark waters below.

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