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Chicken Pot Pie

Katie Martin '25

In the small house by the sea

Bought by my grandpa decades ago

Where the salty air always flows

Carrot stab at celery in the boiling battlefield

Turning it soft and weak

Fighting for dominance, to be the first bite eaten.

Peas sneak by, until being refused by the child’s fork.

The potatoes are liked by everyone

And the mushrooms, an acquired taste.

Onion, garlic, and parsley know that they are really bringing it together,

Everything joining and forming something new, something treasured.

And you may think the star is chicken,

But it's really grandma’s pie crust:

Flakey and slightly chewy and buttery

A gift sent down from heaven


Delivering us the perfect summer meal,

When the best piece of crust is really the only thing that can be fought over

On those hot summer nights

Sharing the old, long meal

When school and work don’t trouble the mind.

And everything is just right.

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