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A Memory of Pain: Fear Rests Within

Daniel Shin '24


I had just turned old enough to take out my new bike for a swing in my neighborhood and I was thrilled. I could feel my blood rushing through me, wanting to take in every bit of this moment. I took a quick glance at the ground in front of me and pushed along. I had struggled in maintaining my balance at first, having to brace myself with my feet. However, gradually, I managed to make some sense of how to bend the bike to my will and quickly gained some confidence. I began to ride in circles in the neighborhood taking pride in my new skill. When, during my third time around I decided that I would for some apparent reason make a sharp turn out of the blue, and little did I know, a few seconds later I would be lying on the floor bloodied up. I got up, turned around, and went back home. After that, I decided I wouldn't get back on that dreaded thing once more.

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