They do not and neither do you

Bella Mastrobuono '24

I wondered if my feelings mattered....

In first grade, when I was lying sick in the hospital bed that I did not want to be in and they couldn't find a diagnosis that I could go home. What if I went home?


I wondered if those same feelings mattered when in fourth grade, and they felt the need to say rude names and judge that 10 year old body.

They did not

Again in 8th grade, when his hands felt the need to familiarize themselves with the curves and lumps of my body. I tried to push him away but no.

Nothing has changed. Your feelings do not matter.

Then summer, a similar hand felt the need to grab what was not his. Forcing himself upon what he lacked. "No" did not seem to matter to him.

You. Did not seem to matter to him. And neither did your feelings

Flash forward, a few months later? A Third time but Black mail.

Do this and that now. Or he will do the unexpected, the unforgivable.

Nope. No no no. Not this again.

But here we are. so no. Your feelings do not matter. And neither do you