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Resilient Flame

Landan DeHaven'24

1 Tap, tap, tap, the rain descends upon him,

Already soaked, he does not care.

He silently stares into the fire and wonders, how long will it continue to burn?

The rain consumes him, swallows him, and eats him whole: Jonah and the Whale.

5 Hopeless, he is trapped.

He stares at his knife: a way out.

But the fire still burns,

He clings to the heat that swaddles him and comforts him: a loving mother.

The fire burns, fending off the consuming darkness of the night.

10 Tap, tap, tap, “wake up” demands the rain.

The man awakens from his thoughts,

The rain will never end.

He can not run from it.

It will always be there,

15 He must not let it put out his fire.

Tap, tap, tap, he wakes up but he is still in the nightmare,

He puts his head down.

Continues to trudge through life,

He does not give up.

20 The fire still burns.

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