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cut through the noise to know what love sounds like

Celina Bagchi '24


though you hold her, you know she’s long gone;

she’s slipping like water through your fingers,

like a memory and a dream you can’t quite

recall when your eyelids flutter open


dance across her skin, and you

skate your fingertips over her cheek, trying

to memorize the way it feels to have

a love so pure;

and you know she is

the only thing in the world worth worshiping—

her body the only god whose altar you kneel at,

your missing puzzle piece


like an angel, you’d

die for her, to make her whole again, to

heal the scars every boy who came before you

gave her; but she is brighter

because of them and you wish you

could teach her to love them

to love her

the way you do


her, there was nothing.

endless, nameless existence, being without living,

not knowing what it is to have

life breathed into you by the touch of another,

but you know she will never believe you;

she’s been

blinded too many times before by pretty lies to know

what truth looks like anymore—

and nothing is truer than your love


names will be forgotten; you swear

you will erase them with every caress, give her

the world and more because she is your world, because

you see the world in her


cuts through the darkness of her world, but

it’s not bright enough to draw her gaze to you,

not enough to convince her to

fall into your arms, to believe

that you will catch her when she does


open-armed, she reaches, fingers outstretched

but her fingers barely graze your chest and you see

the light dim, you see her

remember herself, you see her

fall away from you even when she is still

standing before you—

and you know then that she is not




but there is no us, my love, is there?

i tried to cut through

the noise

but you still don’t know

what love sounds like

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