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Aren't we Different?

You may write me down in history

As some evil foe that opposed justice

That had succumb to a greater good,

But is that the truth?

You would fight for what you believe in,

But how does that differ from me?

You took liberties and made choices that-

Put you over the edge;

Explain to me why it’s wrong for me to do the same?

This is for all who gave and provided for you to put you ahead-

To make a difference in the world;

Do you believe you are the first to have that sentiment?

You have a duty to serve;

What makes your duty so different?

You fight for a better future;

Congratulations, everyone in their own way fight for their own

What makes your cause so just?

What gives you the authority to take actions

That demonize others?

What makes us different?

Aren’t we all equal?

Or are we equal to a certain extent?

The way each one of us viewed and judged

is like a camera,

you will never get the full picture.

It is then up to perception,

Which in it of itself is deceiving.

In the end, people like you will not see my intent or me as a person,

But as something that serves your greater purpose.

Because aren’t we different?

- Anonymous

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