Terence Huang

2nd Poem by Academy Monthly

This poem is continuing off from the first one

My teacher told me to write another one

Based off not receiving feedback from the first one

So here I am writing this one

I have to write a complete poem as one

So I am filling up lines just like this one

And this one, oh wait, I meant this one

Hoping my teacher can read the other one

And soon help me improve that one

Not too harsh but a decent one

I just realized I am ending every line with “one”

And I should say it’s a strange one

Not too happy or disappointed about this one

But I can say this work will be one of my main one

No “s” at the end of the previous line of “one”

After I finish with this one

I can go to sleep as a tired one

Oh, never mind, looks like I am ending this one

And they say in a loud clear voice, no more one

Then I can be satisfied that I am done