Tajah Williams

New Life by Academy Monthly

Diving into a new life.

A world in which I've never been before. I hear it’s nice

Cold. Wet. Large. Magical.

Crystal blue world filled with beautiful creatures

Floating trees and clusters of stony colonies

Pink. Orange. Red. White.

The work of the citizens that live in this grand country.

Diverse in many ways

Large. Small. Fast. Slow.

Cold blooded; warm hearted

I hear they welcome people like me into their world.

Curious. Adventurous. Observant. Lost.

Someone seeking to find a new world.

A world without hate. A world that is new.

Love. Peace. Easy. Gentle.

I wish to see new life. This magical world.

To capture this moment of a lifetime.

Without the the distraction of the other side.

Learning. Growing. Exploring. Experiencing.

Living the life of this magical community. Becoming one of them.

But nothing like them. Still the same me just with a different view of life.

Free. Content. Blissful. Euphoric.


Dreaming a dream born of this world. Lost in this luxurious existence.

Troubles and tenderness dissolve as I float into magic.