Olivia Negro

The Embrace (Inspired by Brokeback Mountain) by Academy Monthly

I wrote this for an assignment in AP English: Crazy Love with Ms. Lintgen. We read the novella Brokeback Mountain, and had the opportunity to work on creative writing. This poem is inspired by a memory that Jack, one of the main characters, recalls. His memory is of an embrace he shared with his lover, Ennis, that has stuck with him after his life with his one true love falls apart. 

There’s never enough time,

Never enough

Not for us.

What “us”? 

Has there ever actually been an “us”? 

Because all I can remember is one “us,”

And we left it on Brokeback Mountain. 

You see, all I remember is you. 

Arms, wrapped. 

Heartbeat, steady. 

Happiness, charmed. 

And time didn’t matter then. 

That’s the issue.

Time didn’t matter then, 

But now there’s not enough.

There’s no time to go back and 

Rewrite what has already been

Written into those fucking stars above 

Our fucking mountain. 

And the worst part is that it’s 

Your fault. It’s my fault. It’s our fault.

And so all I am left with is 

A single memory of one soul,

One “us”

Up on our mountain. 

Closer to the heavens than

I’ll ever get again. 


And no matter how hard I try

To quit you, 

We will still linger, 

And I’ll never forget. 

I’ll never unfeel your embrace. 

God, there’s nothing I can do. 

Let be. Let be. 


Proulx, Annie. Brokeback Mountain. New York, Scribner, 1997.