17 Things / by Academy Monthly

I was born with a gift 

never saw it comin’ – what’s this? 

a black boy born with baby curls 

a boy who was 1 year old when 9/11 changed the world

I want to love and fly like a dove 

unfortunately, the world wants to push and shove 

god is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear? 

no man nor satan can ever make me shed a tear

he is the one who brought me through thick-n-thin 

why don’t the world see the same, it makes me cringe 

Basketball is like my seed

I watched it grow on me unlike weed

I use the game as a crutch 

because in life I never really had much luck

because luck ain’t real, only god is the real deal 

so I keep fighting to the end

one day I will overcome this until then