Lunch / by Academy Monthly

“Ok, we can do this Harmony. I can do this.” The girl in the mirror chanted this to herself repeatedly, as she pushed the frays of her hair down, and pulled her shirt outwards, as it fit a little too snug. The bell rang, signaling lunch had started. Harmony gave the mirror one last glance, and flashed a quick smile, her dark black hair gleaming in the light. She tried to push open the door, but it seemed to be wedged in the doorway. She pushed again, but the door wouldn’t budge. She groaned, frustrated, and gave another shove before the door inched open, and she headed towards the noises of the cafeteria.

After having shoved her way through the crowds of people that gave her discouraging looks and practically ignored her presence, she snatched up some food, and stared at the sea of people in front of her unsure where to sit. She looked down at her meal, a cup of golden corn with a single black bean on top, most likely having fallen in from some other dish. As she walked along, the bean bobbed around like her head as she tried to find a place to sit. Finally, her eyes stopped on a group of girls with golden hair. The light shined down on them in the same manner that light shined down on dolls in the toy store. Their matching smiles, caught her eye and she walked over. As she approached, one of the golden heads raised up and glanced over her, her eyes darting from Harmony’s tan skin to her black hair. Immediately, she gave a distasteful glance, but Harmony ignored it, and placed her tray down in the middle of the table.

“Hi, is anybody sitting here? I’m Harmony, by the way.” Harmony cracked a smile but got no smiles back in return. The girl who had given her a distasteful glance however, killed the butterflies in her stomach as she let loose a hearty hello.

“Hi Harmony, I’m Casse. I’d love to welcome you here, but, you see, this spot is already taken by someone else, so,” Casse threw another quick glance at Harmony, aiming her eyes at Harmony’s stomach. “Also, I don’t think we’d be able to squeeze you in here Harmony, sorry,” and tossed a light shrug, cueing the other girls to snicker.

Harmony felt a familiar lump forming in her throat, but forced out an “Oh, ok” before turning away. She took a deep breath and gathered her courage, and turned back again and asked, “Really? Who’s sitting here?”

Casse’s sly face turned to distaste before she plastered a crinkly smile on her face and nonchalantly let out, “Oh, somebody you probably don’t know. Besides, don’t you have anywhere else to sit?” Sneering, she said, “Like, somewhere with all of the other people like you or something??”

Harmony felt tears coming as she ran towards the doors. They seemed to be stuck shut. She kicked the doors open and marched straight for the bathrooms. The door slammed behind her. She held the cup of corn in her hand still, but the bean was gone. Harmony dropped the cup of corn, smashing it underneath her feet. Suddenly, a warm tear slid down her face. It quickly fell towards her feet, but she caught the tear in her hand before it sank into the golden mush.

“BRRRRRRRRRIINNGGG!!!” And just like that, lunch was over.