Sweet Satisfaction / by Academy Monthly

Sweet Satisfaction shares many similarities and differences between other commonly known fairy tales. Written as a very modern fairy tale, the story starts off with the princess with a dream. In this case, the princess’s dream, which was suppressed by her overbearing father, was to be free from the castle restraints. Compared to modern fairy tale movies like Disney’s Frozen and Moana, the story was centralized around the female protagonist by eliminating almost all female characters in the plot (other than the conventional evil, female witch). By doing this, however, I revert back to an older fairytale practice of having the men take advantage of the female’s innocence. Although the number of females is limited, I still wished to create a feminist story for the modern audience. He achieves this by having the daughter rebel against her father’s wishes and make some of her decisions for herself. However, there are certain instances like when she marries the prince immediately that may contradict his objective.
    A lens that I try to promote in his story is the psychoanalytic lens. The characters introduced throughout the story symbolize each aspect of the lens. Mr. Goodbar represents the superego of the princess. He tries to hold back the id of the protagonist and suggests that she not follow the scent and return home. He also utilizes her father’s wise words to not go outside the kingdom in trying to persuade her from going to the Gingerbread Castle. However, Mr. Goodbar’s efforts are seen as futile as she is overpowered by her urges and desires or in this case the smell. The other character met on the adventure is the Sugar Daddy who represents the id of the protagonist. Unlike Mr. Goodbar, he tries to persuade the princess to go to the castle. This could be seen as an example of indulging in your id. Although Blanc hesitates at the thought, the Sugar Daddy is able to manipulate her through the use of a drink that makes her forget her fears of repercussions. The change of power from superego to id is seen when the princess’s dress transforms from a maroon color to a chocolatey brown color. From an oedipal complex view, the absence of a mother is made up by the presence of the only other female in the story, Queen Cinnamon. I wanted the reader to depict the witch as a possible mother of the princess. By vanquishing her mother, the protagonist, armed only with her beautiful appearance, pleases his father by marrying a prince.

There is one main moral that I want to be noticed throughout this modern fairy tale. It is ok to take risks and stray away from your path that you are being held against. Endangering herself, the princess ignored her parents and found her own success.  Although at many times she was afraid of the consequences, the princess ultimately followed her path and was rewarded with a prince. The audience of this fairy tale could be very problematic for modern young children because of the violence of the Queen and the creepiness of the Sugar Daddy. However, other fairy tales for children, when looked at deeply are also inappropriate for children. I intend for this fairy tale to be accessible to all children. However, he cautions readers to be aware of these hidden ideas in the fairy tale.






    Once upon a time, there lived a young princess who lived in the kingdom of Foie Gras. To the citizens of Foie Gras, she was known as Blanc Chardonnay, Princess of Foie Gras, Duchess of Caviar, and Countess of Michelin. Princess Chardonnay had long black hair, which she liked to drape over her pale white shoulders. Her diet consisted of only the finest cuisines in the kingdom, which aided in keeping her hourglass shape. She had eyes as black as chocolate, lips as red as the cherries, and skin as white as sugar. Whenever she was not interacting with the citizens or playing with the young children in her iconic maroon dress, she would be indulging herself in quiet tasks like reading, sewing, and especially cooking. However as she grew older, her father, King Saffron Chardonnay, began to grow anxious in her future and wished to marry her off as quickly as possible to a noble prince. King Chardonnay’s reputation as an “iron chef” led many suitors to arrive at the kingdom’s doorsteps. However, after realizing that the suitors were only interested because of their status, Princess Chardonnay angrily turned away each and every suitor that offered their hand. Frustrated at his daughter’s stubbornness, King Saffron forbade the Princess from leaving the castle and forced her to eat only foods that were tasteless and bland. Cut from the outside world and forced to eat bags of rice and drink gallons of water, Princess Chardonnay was like a prisoner in her own home.

It was not until the day of the princess’s 18th birthday, the King decided to do give something special to his daughter. Approaching her, he stated, “My fair Blanc, I have decided to grant you one wish for your birthday. You may have anything that you desire. Food, Money, Clothes. What is it that you desire most in this world.” Immediately, Blanc jumped up and bravely answered, “I wish to be free and roam the outside the castle walls.” The King nodded and stroked his beard and told her, “Very well. If that is what you most desire, I will allow you to roam outside the castle for your birthday. However, you may not leave the kingdom, for the evil Queen Cinnamon is now the ruler of our neighboring Gumdrop Kingdom.” The princess embraced her father and promised to not go outside the kingdom’s gates.

The villagers were ecstatic and surprised to see the princess outside of the castle. The adults filled in what the Princess had missed during her time in the castle and the children showed how much better they had gotten at the games they used to play. The Princess smiled and made sure not to waste a minute of her time outside the castle. As the day began to draw to a close, the Princess waved goodbye to all the citizens and began to sadly make her way back to the castle. “Well,” she sighed, “at least I was able to see all my friends, even if it were just for one day.” Just as she had reached the castle entrance, she caught a whiff of the sweetest, most enduring smell ever imaginable. The rich, tantalizing smell was a combination of the scent of flowers and chocolate mixed in with a fluffiness of marshmallows. “My... My…,” she gasped, “W… What is this rich fragrance? I must know what it is!” Unaware of her other senses, the Princess allowed the scent to drag her outside the kingdom’s gates.

When Blanc came to her senses, she found herself in quite a unique sight. Surrounding her were trees doused in chocolate and covered with M&Ms stuck to the leaves. Red Vines and Twizzlers wrapped around the trees tightly and let off a tantalizing fruity scent. The cement ground had become a nutty trail held together with white chocolate. The bushes had transformed into gumdrops and the sky had turned a bright pink. The Princess gasped at the sight of large gummi bears and worms wandering aimlessly through the “forest.”

“Oh My!” the princess exclaimed. “Where am I! I seem to have wandered into some sort of candy wonderland.”

“Not a wonderland, miss! This is the Alluring Forest! Property of The Gumdrop Kingdom!” corrected a mysterious voice.

The princess jumped when she heard the voice. She wiped the sweat off her face as she looked around, confusingly for a source.

“Oi! Down here, miss!” laughed the voice again.

The princess looked down and her eyes grew in amazement at the sight of the person at her feet. About a foot away from her, was a rather skinny and bald male sitting on a tiny purple gumdrop. The man was about three feet tall and wore a suit that was bright yellow. He sat Indian style on the log and had a large book in his lap about the size of a small table. His eyes squinted through his reading glasses as he tried to study the princess.

“My name is Mr. Goodbar,” informed the man keeping his beady eyes on the princess. “You must be Princess Chardonnay of the Kingdom of Foie Gras. What on earth are you doing in the Alluring Forest?”

“Well… Mr. Goodbar,” the princess replied. “I caught a whiff of an exquisite smell, and I was drawn to this forest. I seem to have lost the scent though. Can you help me find it again?”

Mr. Goodbar closed his book and jumped on the gumdrop to come face to face with the Princess. “Now hold on Princess!” he began. “I’ll have you know that your father would very much not approve of you coming out this far away from the kingdom. Not to mention the evil Queen Cinnamon is a hellish witch who will kill anybody who tries to enter her grounds without her permission. If I were you, I would…..”

As Mr. Goodbar rambled on an on about the repercussions of the princess's actions, the enticing scent had returned and snatched her away leaving behind Mr. Goodbar and his gumdrop seat.

The seducing scent eventually led her out of the Alluring Forest and to a river bank flowing with chocolate. The chocolate smell had dramatically increased and flooded the princess's nostrils with a chocolatey and irremovable smell. The princess unable to contain herself dived into the river and began filling her mouth with as much chocolate as she could. She screamed in delight as the warm, milky, liquid chocolate continued to go down her throat. After getting out on the other side of the river, she licked herself clean and was surprised to see that the chocolate on her maroon dress had hardened into a stunning and glossy brown dress.   

“How’d you like the Irresistible River’s liquid chocolate baby,” crooned a deep voice from behind her.

The princess wheeled herself around to find herself looking up at a eight foot male. The male had on a rather flamboyant and flashy costume. He wore a large top hat decorated with stripes and lollipops. Dotted with white polka dots, his black hair expanded wider than his shoulders. The man was a rather skinny man as well and wore a light blue suit with pieces of wrapped candy as buttons. In his right hand, he held a yellowish drink, and in his left hand, he held grasped a long candy cane. However, his most notable feature was his abnormally large tongue that continuously licked the candy cane he clutched.

“Baby, you can call me the Sugar Daddy,” the mysterious man purred, “judging by your white skin, I’m guesssssing that you are Princesss Chardonnay of Foie Gras. Am I wrong?”

“N… No, Sugar Daddy, you are correct,” the Princess stammered. As the Sugar Daddy got closer to her she started backing away.

“Hey Now, Honey!” the Sugar Daddy hissed. “There’ssss no reason for you to be scared of me. I jussst want to know what a fine, sssscrumptiousss, young woman like you is doing out here.”

“Well, Daddy, I was minding my own business when this mouth-watering smell hit me and leaded me out here,” the Princess replied.

“Oh yessss,” the Sugar Daddy bellowed, “ I’m sure it was a nice smell. Tell me, are you going to go to the Gingerbread Cassssstle? I’m sure that the source of the smell is there.”

“Oh, I want to…. But my father warned me to not enter the Gumdrop Kingdom,” the princess sulked.

The Sugar Daddy’s smile widened as he comforted the Princess,.“Well how about you take a little sip of thissss drink I have in my hand. You know, to relax.”

The Princess took the cup of yellowish liquid from the Sugar Daddy with both hands and brought the brothy drink to her red lips. As soon as she took the first sip, she could not control herself. The taste was like a mixture of the sweetest sugar combined with the creamiest milk. When she finished, she licked the residue off her face, and forgot all her previous worries.

“You feeling good, honey. How about you march on over to that castle and find out what out what that smell wassss?” the Sugar Daddy whispered.

“Of course, I must find out what that smell is!” the Princess stated and marched on leaving the smiling Sugar Daddy behind.

After a bit of walking, the Princess gasped at the sight before her. In front of her, was a tall structure covered from top to bottom with gingerbread crackers. Icing of all different colors decorated the windows and doors, and gumdrops lined the walls perfectly to create a wonderfully colorful display. Hardened caramel held the castle together, and the smell of the sticky substance blended extremely well with the castle’s other goodies.

The princess, absolutely stunned by the illustration, rushed through the entrance doors to catch a glimpse inside. However, what was inside was not what she had expected. Emerging into the main room, the princess slowed down at the sight of a very gray, obese woman. Her gray frizzy hair stood up and sprang up in all directions. The woman wore a black robe that seemed to be made of some sort of coconut material. Her eyes were disgustingly large and her mouth opened to reveal several missing teeth. Her wrinkles made up most of her face, and her chubby hands stirred a large black pot in the middle of the room that let off the amazing smell that the Princess was so drawn too.

“P...Please pardon my intrusion, I’ll just be on my way,” the princess stuttered.

“Now hold on , darling, you dare interrupt Queen Cinnamon’s cooking and want to just leave. You will not do such a thing because you look like a delicious delicacy with that chocolate dress on. Come over here!” the queen responded. The queen waddled after the princess and tried to grab her with her pudgy little fingers.

The princess, scared out of her mind, dashed around the room and found it surprisingly easy to avoid the clutches of the wicked queen. Pretty soon, the queen had tired herself out and took a break next to the giant vat of her mixture. Quickly, the princess, with all her might, pushed the pot over spilling the hot, sticky substance all over the queen. The queen shrieked and howled as she began to disintegrate into many little crumbs of cinnamon.

“Well,” the princess huffed. “I guess that is the end of that whole mess.”

As she began to walk out the doors of the palace, she turned to see the pieces of cinnamon begin to come together again to form a beautiful prince. The prince wore a berry blue and golden outfit complete with a small dagger on the strapped to his belt. His long flowing blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. His light green eyes lit up the room, and his dimpled smile melt the heart of the princess.

“Thank you for freeing me,” the prince said sweeping the princess off her feet. “My name is Prince Polo, and I have been trapped in that old hag’s body for many years from a curse placed on me by a wandering fairy. Will you marry me?”

“Oh, yes!” the Princess cried and embraced the prince. The two immediately got married at the kingdom of Foie Gras, and her father granted the princess’s freedom for all eternity and allowed her cook whenever she wanted. The princess enjoyed the rest of her life and they all lived happily ever after.